Feds Focus on Future at Electric Vehicle Symposium

On June 9th and 10th, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Energy, and the White House are jointly holding a two-day symposium entitled “Charging Forward,” showcasing current electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging technology.

Charging Forward, held at DOT’s Washington D.C. headquarters, will also feature a discussion on equitably and effectively building a national network of EV chargers. Likewise, on Friday, June 10th, several stakeholder discussion sessions will be held on the following topics:

  • Ensuring Equitable Access to EV Charging
  • 1Best Practices in EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Overcoming EV-specific Supply Chain Challenges
  • What Can the Federal Government Do to Help?

Maryland’s legislature has prioritized electric vehicle infrastructure in recent years, including the renewal of tax credits and the establishment of parking standards during the 2022 legislative session. Charging Forward coincides with a recently announced White House initiative establishing the groundwork for states to build federally-funded charging station projects across a national EV charging network. The initiative would establish regulations underpinning the $5 billion National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program, a component of the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure bill. DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg explained the initiative in a press release:

‘To support the transition to electric vehicles, we must build a national charging network that makes finding a charge as easy as filling up at a gas station,’ said Secretary Buttigieg. ‘These new ground rules will help create a network of EV chargers across the country that are convenient, affordable, reliable and accessible for all Americans.’

The proposed NEVI regulations are expected to be published in the Federal Register next week. A signed copy of the document submitted to the Federal Register for publication is available on the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) website. A final rule may be published after FHWA has had the opportunity to review the comments submitted.


Interested individuals can stream the Charging Forward symposium here.

Read the full White House press release.