On Anniversary of Floyd’s Death, White House Tackles Police Reform

On Wednesday, May 25th, the White House will issue an executive order to promote police reform within state and local police agencies.

The Washington Post notes federal grant funding will incentivize reform, including tightening “restrictions on the use of chokeholds and no-knock warrants.” Moreover, the federal government will restrict local law enforcement access to military equipment.

Maryland likely benefits from the executive order as it continues to implement 2021’s Police Accountability Act. The Act includes new reform-minded police training standards, a disciplinary matrix for police misconduct, and the establishment of local police accountability boards.

Likewise, according to the Post:

The [White House] order — which drew support from leaders of some major policing organizations — will call for the creation of national standards for the accreditation of police departments and a national database of federal officers with substantiated complaints and disciplinary records, including those fired for misconduct. It also will instruct federal law enforcement agencies to update their use-of-force policies to emphasize de-escalation, Biden aides said during a background briefing for reporters Tuesday.

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