Worcester Moves Forward in Expanding Broadband Access

Last week Worcester County officials celebrated the installation of the newly-installed fiber-optic broadband cabinet at the Bishopville Park.

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Image provided by Worcester County
Last week Worcester County Commissioners and Talkie Communications professionals cut the ribbon to celebrate the installation of the newly-installed fiber-optic broadband cabinet at the Bishopville Park. Talkie is seeking community assistance to determine the level of interest in receiving high-speed internet. Community input will help Talkie prioritize project areas.
According to the press release:
“Bishopville has the highest concentration of unserved homes and businesses,” Commissioner Jim Bunting said. “Today access to high-speed internet in classrooms and businesses, homes and home offices is critical. So I’m truly thankful for our partnership with Talkie professionals to make broadband services available in Bishopville and countywide, so we can finally eliminate all the dead spots.”
“Talkie also began a Pittsville project with Maryland Broadband that when tied in with Bishopville will make it possible to also extend service to Whaleyville and surrounding areas,” Commissioner Elder said. “Higher density areas are being prioritized for service, so it is important that residents and business owners make their interest in receiving service known.”
Talkie is currently completing a project to install 13 miles of fiber in the Pocomoke area. Worcester County Government is assisting Talkie in securing state and federal grants to build and install a fiber backbone at minimal cost to the county. In keeping with federal and state grant requirements, Talkie projects are being prioritized to extend broadband to the unserved and underserved communities.
Residents and business owners interested in signing up for service are encouraged to visit https://talkiefiber.com/ or call 844-5-TALKIE.