Garrett Launches New Program to Spotlight Local Businesses

The Garrett County Department of Business Development announced the launch of a new Business Spotlight Program to showcase County businesses and nonprofit organizations and the services/products they provide.

The Business Spotlight Program, which gets underway later this month, will be an ongoing economic and business development initiative offered to all Garrett County businesses and nonprofit organizations. There is no charge to participate in the program.

“We have recently brought Mr. Connor Norman on board as our Business Development specialist. We are eager to continue assisting our local businesses,” said Board of County Commissioners Chairman Paul Edwards. “This Spotlight initiative will be a great way to highlight our local resources.”

According to a County press release:

Each participating business or organization will be randomly featured with a colorful ad and blurb across Garrett County Business Development’s marketing and social media platforms. Generated by Business Development staff, the featured spotlight will include links to the business’s or organization’s website, address, phone number, and social media platforms to help drive attention and traffic to their services and/or products. Once posted, the featured business or organization will be able to share it on their own social media and marketing platforms.