Release of Case Information Needs More Practical Approach

On March 1, 2022, Executive Director Michael Sanderson testified before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in opposition to SB 763 – Collection and Publication of Criminal Case and Prosecutorial Information. This bill obliges each State’s Attorney, a county-funded State agency, to assemble and publish a litany of detailed information on public-facing media, at substantial cost to the county and its taxpayers.

From the MACo testimony

SB 763 sits among a series of proposals this session seeking to improve transparency and
accountability in public safety and related functions. Counties recognize the importance of
accountability for public officials and processes. However, the detailed requirements of SB 763 would inundate the Office of the State’s Attorney from each county with a dramatic and cumbersome management requirement that would raise overhead costs dramatically, and siphon limited local budget resources away from other priorities.

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