Hogan Funds Baltimore Safe Streets Intiative

Governor Hogan will provide $500,000 in funding for the Baltimore Safe Streets initiative. This announcements alleviates concerns from the City that funding for the program would be lost amidst state spending cuts.

As reported by ABC News:

The money will be enough to allow the program to operate through next January. According to the governor’s office that will give the incoming city administration time to “work with federal, state, and philanthropic partners to develop a long-term sustainability plan.”

The Baltimore City Health Department runs Safe Streets . The program employs reformed felons as violence interrupters, working the same streets and neighborhoods they once ruled. Their outreach work has led to impressive results. In 2015, they interrupted 700 conflicts that were likely or very likely to have resulted in gun violence.

The program costs $1.2 million to operate in four city neighborhoods.

For more information read the full article on ABC News.