Audit: City Police in Compliance with Body Camera Policy

An audit completed by the Baltimore City Police Department found that the department is in compliance with the policy established for its body camera program. The department has taken action to address disciplinary and training issues where violations of the policy were found.

As reported in The Baltimore Sun:

Baltimore police policy requires that officers start recording “at the initiation of a call for service or other activity or encounter that is investigative or enforcement-related in nature,” or when an encounter with the public becomes confrontational. There are some exceptions, such as when civilians request to not be recorded during a voluntary encounter or when dealing with a confidential informant.

Out of 3,441 mandatory video recordings from arrests, car stops, field interviews and other incidents last year, officers saved 3,290 recordings.

One-third of the inspection reports show some violations because officers either did not record an encounter or store video as required.

Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith said officers have been disciplined for violations of the policy.

“This audit was put in place to address any shortcomings that might exist,” he said. “We have been proactively able to address disciplinary concerns and training issues as a result of our self-initiated audits.”

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