Prince George’s Expands Clean the Curb Program

Prince George’s announced it will be expanding it’s Clean the Curb program to include food scraps (composting) & bulk trash collection.

Starting this month, Prince George’s County has announced that the County will expand it’s Clean the Curb program to collect food scraps and bulk trash. The County is offering this program to help keep valuable materials that are not waste, out of our landfills, reduce excessive greenhouse gas emissions, protect our environment and help Prince George’s County get closer to its zero waste goals.

Bulk trash collection will begin on February 14th, and the deadline for residents to opt-in to the food scraps program is the 20th.

Bulk trash will be provided to residents receiving County-contracted services or who pay a fee for bulky trash removal. Residents need only put the items out (up to two per collection day) with their regular trash. Some items, such as scrap tires and white goods, including refrigerators, air conditioners, washers, dryers, and other appliances, will still need to be scheduled for pickup through PGC311.

For food scraps, residents are asked to include only food, food-related items, and yard waste (optional) in the cart for collection. The County wants to gauge the amount of food and related materials diverted from landfills. If yard waste is not stored in the cart, residents may continue to place yard trim beside the cart in paper yard trim bags or another container with a tight-fitting lid marked “Yard Trim” or “Yard Waste.” However, all food and food-soiled items must be placed in the organics cart for pickup.

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