Counties Push to Keep Local Autonomy for Environmental Health Inspections

On February 8, 2022, Associate Policy Director Dominic J. Butchko testified before the Senate Finance Committee in opposition to SB 330 – County Boards of Health and Baltimore City Health Department – Procedures and Appeals Process. This bill would force counties to adopt a redundant and/or inefficient appeals process for health code violations issued by local Environmental Health Departments. 

From the MACo testimony

The process for notifying businesses and individuals of citations and appeals procedures is subject to local scrutiny, and the Board of Health and/or the county governing body may tailor these procedures to respond to local concerns. Maryland state law already entitles appropriate due process for any citation or closure decision – SB 330 is seeking to solve a problem that does not exist and in doing so, is creating a new and unnecessary burden. SB 330 dictates that each county create a second-tier authority with the Board of Health that may prove redundant or inefficient for both the Department and the affected businesses or individuals.

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