Baltimore City Works with Local Universities to Implement ARPA

Baltimore City’s Office of Recovery Programs has partnered with the University of Baltimore (UB) and Morgan State University (MSU) to assist with initiatives funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). 

Baltimore City Mayor Brandon M. Scott discussed the initiative in a press release:

“ARPA is a one-time investment. Support from these two world-class universities will position us to make evidence-based decisions and show our impact for the benefit of Baltimoreans,” said Mayor Scott. “In a city like Baltimore with deep systemic challenges even before the pandemic, we must be strategic and targeted in our approach — with an eye toward making a definitive, measured impact on our city through a lens of equity. This partnership will allow us to do that.”  

UB and MSU will provide input into “program design, evidence-based interventions, equitable distribution of funds, best practices observed in peer cities, performance metrics, and how to structure and implement rigorous program evaluations for new, innovative programs funded by ARPA.” Both universities were selected after the City carried out a request for information proposal earlier this year.

UB will work on “initiatives addressing negative economic impacts, providing services to disproportionately impacted communities, and expanding infrastructure — specifically broadband.” MSU will be responsible for “initiatives that involve economic assistance to small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and the tourism and hospitality industries.”

Read the full press release.