Baltimore Co. School Board Nominating Commission Selected for 2021-2025 Term

The next slate of Baltimore County School Board Commission members were named on October 25 to serve for the 2021-2025 term.

The commission is tasked with nominating candidates for four at-large appointments to the Baltimore County School Board, which are then recommended to the governor for consideration.

The Baltimore County School Board implemented a hybrid model in 2018 and since then has consisted of one student member, four appointed positions and seven elected seats.

Nominating Commission members, a total of 19, serve four-year terms and are chosen to “reflect the rich cultural, geographic, ethnic, and racial diversity of Baltimore County.”

In accordance with the Maryland Educational Code, eight members — one from each legislative district — are appointed by the governor, in consultation with the county executive. The Commission’s remaining members are appointed, one from each of the following:

  • The county executive from the “county at large”
  • The Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce
  • The PTA Council of Baltimore County, Inc.
  • The Baltimore County Public Schools’ Special Education Citizens’ Advisory Committee
  • The Baltimore County Student Councils
  • The Council of Administrative and Supervisory Employees
  • Education Support Professionals of Baltimore County
  • The League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
  • The NAACP of Baltimore County
  • Teachers Association of Baltimore County (TABCO)
  • Towson University.

The newly named Commission members are:

  • Aisha Austin, Baltimore County Member-At-Large
  • William Burke, Council of Administrative and Supervisory Employees
  • Jeannette Young, Education Support Professionals of Baltimore County
  • Michael Darenberg, Governor’s Appointment – District 6
  • Deborah Hopp, Governor’s Appointment – District 7
  • Judy Wagner, Governor’s Appointment – District 8
  • Kelly Krupinski, Governor’s Appointment – District 11
  • Katherine Bloom, Governor’s Appointment – District 12
  • Stephen McIntire, Governor’s Appointment – District 42B
  • Dr. Eugene Clark, Governor’s Appointment – District 44
  • Julie Sugar, League of Women Voters
  • Marietta English, NAACP
  • Leslie Weber, PTA Council
  • Samantha Warfel, Baltimore County Student Council
  • Cindy Sexton, TABCO
  • Dr. Antonio Campbell, Towson University

The three remaining vacancies on the commission will be filled by appointees from the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce, the BCPS Special Education Advisory Council, and the governor (representing district 10).

Read the Baltimore County Public Schools press release announcing the appointments.

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