Building Out Broadband, Building Up Maryland at #MACoCon

Broadband is no longer a luxury but a necessity. COVID-19 has shown that school, work, and play have become areas that require a reliable connection to the internet. The State of Maryland has set a goal that 98% of residents will have access to a reliable broadband connection by the middle of the decade. The path to 98% connectivity is lined with significant challenges and opportunities for local governments.

At the MACo Winter Conference session, “Building Out Broadband, Building Up Maryland” an expert panel will detail the challenges and opportunities related to local government’s role in expanding broadband.

Building Out Broadband, Building Up Maryland 

Description: Broadband has transformed from a luxury into a utility. One of the most pertinent public policy questions is how to ensure reliable internet connectivity for both urban and rural county residents. Attend this session to learn more about challenges and opportunities facing Maryland’s broadband buildout, including the recently passed “Dig Once” bill, roadblocks to wireline expansion, and the use of wireless vs. wireline connections in certain communities. 


  • Mark Wagner, CEO ThinkBig Networks 
  • Kenrick Gordon, Director, Maryland Office of Statewide Broadband 
  • Daniel Dreiling, VP of Info Services, Kennedy Krieger 


  • Honorable Jack Wilson, Commissioner, Queen Anne’s County 

Date/Time: Thursday, December 9, 2021; 9:15 am – 10:15 am 

The 2021 MACo Winter Conference, “Time to Reboot: Tomorrow’s Tech Today,” will be held on December 8-10, 2021, at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Hotel in Cambridge, Maryland.

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