BGE Brings BioGas to Maryland

After winning approval from the Public Service Commission in late August, BGE becomes the first Maryland utility to use biogas in its distribution system. 

Baltimore Gas and Electric has become the first utility in Maryland to use biogas in its distribution system. The recent addition of this new fuel comes on the heels of the Public Service Commission’s late August approval of BGE’s request.

According to WTOP:

“This first RNG project in Maryland [will] jump-start a new industry in Maryland, contributing to economic growth, managing waste streams, and bringing a cleaner, renewable energy source to our community,” BGE’s senior vice president of governmental and external affairs Rodney Oddoye said in a statement.

The use of biogas offers a mixed bag as it is seen by some as a renewable source of energy but by others as no better than normal natural gas. Biogas can be harvested from several natural waste resources, including: “municipal solid waste landfills, wastewater treatment plants, livestock farms, food production facilities, and organic waste management operations.” (Public Service Commission) This process produces a significant amount of methane. Although harvesting biogas is renewable, the use of methane still significantly contributes to global warming.

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