MDTA Opens Second Comment Period for American Legion Bridge

The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) announced the opening of the second comment period for tolls on the American Legion Bridge. Comments will be accepted now through October 28 at 5pm. 

The MDTA has opened the second comment period, part of the toll rate range setting process for proposed High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes for Phase 1 South: American Legion Bridge I-270 to I-370.

According to an MDTA press release, comments can be submitted one of four ways:

-submit an electronic comment form at;

-download and email a completed comment form to;

-print and mail a completed comment form to Phase 1 South: American Legion Bridge I-270 to I-370 Toll Rate Range Public Comment, Maryland Transportation Authority, 2310 Broening Highway, Baltimore, MD 21224; or

-provide a single voicemail message 24/7, limited to three minutes, by calling 855-701-1977.

Comments from the first phase back in May resulted in an adjustment of the suggested toll rate from 20 cents per mile to 17 cents per mile.

After the October 28 deadline, MDTA staff will review the comments and present a summary analysis, along with a new toll rate range, to the MDTA board in November.

Read the full press release.