Carroll Receives Maryland Sustainable Growth Award

Carroll County Ag Land Preservation Program Receives Maryland Sustainable Growth Award

Carroll County recently announced that their Carroll County Agricultural Land Preservation Program was the recipient of a 2021 Maryland Sustainable Growth Award (MSGA) for Preservation and Conservation.

“The program preserves productive agricultural land area with high-quality soils for agriculture production.  It also creates conservation easements on properties, requiring 50-foot stream buffers which help support the health of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Total Resource Management Plans, consisting of nutrient management plans and soil and water conservation plans, are also required. Many of the county’s preservation agreements also include restrictions that promote groundwater recharge” (Press Release).

“‘Carroll County’s ag land preservation program is a jewel for the county, and it is exciting to be recognized by the state for our efforts toward protecting the environment,’ said Commissioner Ed Rothstein. ‘Along with providing a beautiful countryside, our farms are critical for food production, sustaining our quality of life and adding to the county’s economic base'”(Press Release).

The Department of Planning presents these awards to, “individuals, businesses, organizations and local governments to realize the 12 planning visions adopted by the Maryland General Assembly” (MDP). They represent the highest recognition for managed growth and development in Maryland.

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