Planning for 2022 Cyber Attacks: Are You Ready?

Guest Author: Tim Rahschulte of the Professional Development Academy

Threats to attack, infiltrate, and exploit computer systems, networks, and data-dependent organizations (and their brand, reputation, and financial wellbeing) are on the rise. Forecasts are often consistent year-over-year: this year will be worse than last year.

Regardless of industry, customer segment, or organizational type, the question to answer for this year is a ubiquitous one: are you ready?

Can you, your cyber defense systems, and the readiness of your workforce outwit the malicious savviness of attackers and the destructive consequences from compromised data running your business?

This document serves as an assessment or audit of your defense readiness against common types of cybersecurity attacks. The following is a general rating scale of your (self-assessed) organizational cyber attack security maturity. For each attack type, rate your security maturity relative to people, process, and technology in place to defend against attacks by noting a number to represent Low (1), Medium (2), or High (3) level of preparedness. [Note: 1 in the left columns of General Preparedness, 2 in the center columns of General Preparedness, or 3 in the right columns of General Preparedness). Use the righthand column to detail immediate action items and next steps based on your organizational security readiness for the attacks this year.

View the document: Planning for 2022 Cyber Attacks