Baltimore Development Corporation Introduces Inclusive Plan for Startups

The Baltimore Business Journal reports the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) has unveiled an expansive plan to assist in the development of minority- and women- owned businesses. 

Entitled “Baltimore Together, A Platform for Inclusive Prosperity,” the report and accompanying recommendations suggest steering funds from both the state and federal governments toward leveling the “playing field and creat[ing] a more equitable economy as a way to increase business opportunities in the city.” According to the Baltimore Business Journal article:

“The overarching theme is of equity and a second is around the lack of growth in our small business sector,” [BDC President Colin] Tarbert said. “The majority of jobs created have been in the larger institutions, and so there’s a strong effort in here to do more for small businesses, in particular.”

In its report, the BDC outlines several strategies to achieve its objectives, including public private partnerships inclusive of nonprofits and foundations, direct intervention on high profile issues affecting Baltimore City, and creating economic opportunities within disadvantaged communities. Moreover, the BDC will be emphasizing opportunities in “the growing tech and e-commerce sectors.”

Public comment on the “Baltimore Together” report closes on September 27th.

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