Frederick Offers Discounted Compost Bin and Rain Barrel Sale

Frederick County is offering anyone who wishes to participate (not just County residents) the opportunity to order compost bins and rain battels at a discounted price.

According to Frederick County’s Twitter:

This summer, Maryland became one of the first states in the nation to pass legislation prohibiting homeowner’s associations from restricting backyard composting.

We’re offering the opportunity to order compost bins (and rain barrels) at a discounted price, with no added tax or shipping charges. All items must be ordered online by October 1.

Bin delivery not available…Anyone can order, not just County residents, as long as you are able to come get your items from 9031 Reichs Ford Road in Frederick. (This is a limited-time deal, no extra items will be available after the online sale ends, so please order now.)

Learn more and preorder your compost bin or rain barrel.