Montgomery County Office of Procurement Wins 8th Achievement of Excellence Award

Montgomery County Office of Procurement logoThe Montgomery County Office of Procurement has been awarded the prestigious 26th Annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement® (AEP) for 2021 from the National Procurement Institute, Inc. (NPI). In 2021, Montgomery County is one of 41 counties recognized.

The AEP Award is earned by public and nonprofit agencies that demonstrate a commitment to procurement excellence. This annual program recognizes procurement organizations that embrace innovation, professionalism, productivity, leadership, and e-procurement.

In addition to the NPI, the AEP is sponsored by the National Association of Educational Procurement, National Association of State Procurement Officials, National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, among others. The AEP is also supported by the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council and others.

“The AEP award is recognition of the professionalism, hard work, and discipline that are displayed by the team at the Office of Procurement, said Procurement Director Ash Shetty. “As we continue to innovate and further digitize and automate the processes of the Office of Procurement, today we celebrate the people who make such wins and accomplishments possible.”

The application for the AEP award requires a detailed examination of specific procurement procedures, processes and safeguards ensuring that the Montgomery County Office of Procurement is adhering to the highest standards of governance as compared to its peers. The AEP program encourages the development of excellence as well as continued organizational improvement to earn the award annually.

For more information, visit the Office of Procurement website: