New Gallup Poll Reports Confidence Boost in Public Schools and Medical Systems

A new report by Gallup shows a surge of confidence in both public schools and the medical system compared to last year.

Since 1973, Gallup has been tracking the public’s confidence in many American institutions. This year’s poll, held from June 8 through July 24, show confidence in the public school system rose by 12 points to 41%, it’s highest point since 2004. Confidence in the United States medical system rose by 15 points in those who answered saying they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in the medical system. This is the highest confidence in the medical system that Gallup has reported since 1993.

From Gallup:

Two institutions that have taken on tremendous risks and challenges during the pandemic to fulfill their respective duties for the U.S. public — the medical system and public schools — have earned significantly greater trust from Americans in the process. Several other institutions that have been affected by the pandemic — small business, organized religion and banks — have also seen a rise in confidence.

At the same time, confidence in the police has edged down to a record-low level amid nationwide protests against police treatment of minorities. U.S. lawmakers and the media continue to inspire little confidence from Americans. With many in the U.S. reliant on the media to get factual information about the pandemic, this is a concerning finding.

According to Gallup, double-digit increase in confidence for any institution are “exceedingly rare” and has only occurred “nine times in more than four decades of measuring confidence.”

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