Abandoned Military Base Fort Ritchie Opens Its Doors For New Homes & Experiences

Cascade Properties has partnered with Inch & Co. Development Group in the renovation and construction of the historic Fort Ritchie Army Base in Cascade, Maryland.

Fort Ritchie is central to Frederick, and Emmitsburg, Maryland, as well as Gettysburg and Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. The base was in use throughout World War II and the Cold War, from 1926-1998, when it officially closed its doors. The US Army activated the Military Intelligence Training Center (MITC) on June 19, 1942, and trained 19,600 intelligence troops, including the Ritchie Boys.

According to a County press release:

Washington County Board of County Commissioners President Jeff Cline says it best, “Today, more than ever the development of the Fort Ritchie property is prominent in the revitalization of Cascade and surrounding area. Once part of our economic past, Fort Ritchie is now the lead for economic development into the future for Washington County.”
The first phase begins with the cosmetic renovation of 58 units. This development, named Whistling Ridge, is nestled in the foot of the mountains and is currently being renovated by Inch & Co. Construction. These homes are planned to be ready for lease come late Fall 2021. Prices for these 3–4-bedroom duplexes will begin at $1200 a month and will be managed by Inch & Co. Property Management.

Future plans for Fort Ritchie will include 250 new townhomes and 60 condominiums, as well as 103 single-family homes. If you’re looking to just visit, Fort Ritchie will also offer lodging. You will be able to choose from 17 of the newly renovated Barracks and check-in will take place at the base’s well-known castle. The remaining 18 Barracks are planned to become additional retail spaces.