Chart Shows Maryland’s 2017 School Funding Per Student

Among the information contained in the Overview of Maryland Local Governments: Finance and Demographic Information is a chart of per-student funding in each Maryland county. The funding shows a range of funding for public education throughout Maryland on a per student basis.

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The funding comes primarily from county governments and the State, with limited funding from the federal government and other sources.

As described by the Department of Legislative Services,

Public schools are funded from federal, State, and local sources. Approximately 47% of public school funding in Maryland comes from local sources, and 48% comes from the State. The federal government provides only 4.5% of public school funding. Public schools in Maryland received about $15,268 in total funding for each pupil in fiscal 2017. Worcester County has the highest per pupil revenues at $17,971, while Baltimore City has the second highest at $16,942 and Somerset County has the third highest at $16,603. Talbot and Frederick counties have the lowest per pupil revenues at $13,474 and $13,409, respectively.

For more information, see the Overview of Maryland Local Governments: Finance and Demographic Information.