Should School Superintendents Be Elected?

Two Maryland Delegates are “starting a conversation” about the role of county Superintendent of Schools – suggesting the role should be elected, rather than appointed.

Two Delegates representing districts north of Baltimore are discussing potential statewide legislation to establish the Superintendent of Schools position for each county become an elected, rather than appointed position.

From coverage on the Fox 45 website:

“We know what the County Executive’s platform is, we know what the Sheriff’s platform is, we know what the State’s Attorney’s platform is – we also know what they’re gonna get paid and what their benefits are,” he said. “We don’t know that with the Superintendents.”

While voting on and electing Superintendents would open the door to parties and politics in school leadership – [Delegate Rick] Impallaria says he thinks the process should be non-partisan, similar to how judges are elected.

“Its about transparency,” he said. “Knowing what these people stand for before they take office and then the public having the right to hold them to the standards that they said they were going to set when they run for office.”

It is not currently clear whether such legislation would require a constitutional amendment (to create the position as a constitutional officer, similar to a sheriff) or mere legislation to effect its goals.

Read the full article on the Fox 45 website.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties
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