Carroll County Public Schools Hold Second Mental Health Seminar

Carroll County Public Schools held their second ‘Navigating Difficult Waters’ event, which is aimed at educating the school community about mental health and wellness. 

As covered by the Carrol County Times event attendees had the opportunity to listen to a variety of speakers and participate in breakout sessions in a virtual setting. The breakout session covered the differences between mental health and mental illness along with suicide prevention. ‘Navigating Difficult Waters’ was led by therapist Rachel Greenberg, a member of Caroll County’s Youth Suicide Prevention Team.

From the Carrol County Times:

“Everybody has some level of mental health,” she said. But not everyone has a mental illness. There’s specific criteria and diagnoses for a mental illness, like an anxiety disorder. However, those who do not have an anxiety disorder are still capable of experiencing anxiety and can still seek help.

Carroll County Public Schools recorded the event and the recording will be available on their website later this month.

Read the full article at the Carrol County Times.