MACo Raises Concerns Over Vague Hiring Requirements Bill

MACo Policy Associate Drew Jabin today submitted testimony to the Senate Finance Committee to oppose SB 191 Labor and Employment – Hiring – Higher Education Requirements (Give Me a Chance Act). This bill would prohibit employers from discussing educational background during the initial hiring process.

From the MACo Testimony:

Counties screen job applications prior to interviews, taking into account if the position requires an advanced degree or training, and asking for that information prior to moving forward in the hiring process. In other positions, job descriptions provide for a degree or equivalent years of experience, which again is screened for prior to the interview process. This legislation would burden employers by prohibiting discussing college or a higher education degree until an “initial offer of employment” has been made, potentially wasting time and resources.

Public sector employers are already subject to a wide range of transparency measures in hiring and employment practices – far beyond those applying to other employers. The language in SB 191 referring to an exemption of this prohibition “if a minimum educational qualification is necessary to perform the duties of the position that is the subject of the application or interview process” is extremely vague and unenforceable.

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