MACo on EV Parking Spots: No Green Paint

MACo Policy Associate Drew Jabin today submitted testimony to the House Environment and Transportation Committee to support HB 480 Vehicle Laws – Plug-In Electric Vehicles – Reserved Parking Spaces with amendments. This bill prohibit parking a vehicle in a space that provides access to a plug-in electric vehicle charging station, unless that vehicle is a plug-in electric drive vehicle. The bill, as drafted, also requires certain signage and green markings to mark spaces accordingly, and authorizes local governments to have a vehicle towed or removed if it is in violation of the bill’s restrictions.

From the MACo Testimony:

MACo does not contest the effort to make this violation a statewide offense. In fact, many counties already enforce this under local laws. However, using green paint markings violates the U.S. Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), adopted into Federal law under 23 C.F.R 665 and adapted into the Maryland MUTCD pursuant to Maryland Code, Transportation Article, Section 25-104. MUTCD, Section 3A.05 states, “Markings shall be yellow, white, red, blue, or purple.” In subsequent discussions, the bill sponsor has agreed to offer amendments that would address MACo’s concerns.

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