MACo Recommends Study for On-Site Wastewater Services Bill

On January 15, 2021, MACo Policy Associate Alex Butler testified virtually before the House Environment and Transportation Committee to support HB 302 Environment – On-Site Wastewater Services – Regulation with amendments. This bill would create minimum standards for individuals who perform on-site wastewater systems.

From the MACo Testimony:

Data presented showed issues with systems were not abundant within three years after installations, suggesting that installers are sufficiently regulated. The vast majority of counties already require licensure for installers, collecting fee revenue for Local Health Departments (LHDs). Haulers or “pumpers” are also licensed by counties based on regulations promulgated by MDE.

MACo recognizes the need to license transfer inspectors but believes there is a lack of data identifying systemic issues with other service providers. MACo is supporting HB 302 with amendments to require that MDE complete a study in consultation with the Conference and other stakeholders including industry representatives and advocates in an effort to identify problem areas among industry professionals.

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