The Future of Transportation is Approaching at 311 MPH!

Don’t miss MACo’s Winter Series session on how transportation can transform how you live, work, and travel.

MACo’s Winter Series includes content directly aimed at solving common governance and administrative challenges. This session will focus on the development of a superconducting maglev system and the importance of this service to the Maryland economy.  Northeast Maglev, a MACo Bronze Corporate Partner, will host a prerecorded session on the future of Maryland transportation.

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The Future of Transportation is Approaching at 311 MPH!

Description: Now more than ever, investment in infrastructure projects is the key to economic recovery in the state and in the region. Northeast Maglev’s development of a superconducting maglev (SCMAGLEV) system, starting with 15-minute service from Washington, DC to Baltimore with an intermediate stop at BWI Marshall Airport, is a project poised to employ thousands, boost productivity, and strengthen Maryland’s economy. The proven technology will also provide a more efficient and environmentally sound transportation option, moving millions of cars off the road each year. Get an update from Northeast Maglev on a project that will undoubtedly transform how Marylanders live, work, and travel.

Date/Time: Thursday, December 17 at 12:30 – 1:15 pm (prerecorded)

Speakers: Craig George, Marketing Manager, Northeast Maglev 

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