Attorney General Posts Updated PIA Manual

The Maryland Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has published the 15th edition of the Maryland Public Information Act Manual.

The Manual outlines the Act’s many provisions and provides important context for record requestors and custodians. The revised edition includes updated information and guidance from more recent court cases, and decisions of the Public Information Act Compliance Board.

From the Manual’s preface:

This manual is designed to be a resource for a range of users, from members of the public and the media who request information, to the government officials who have the responsibility to implement the Act’s requirements.

The 15th edition of this manual, like those that precede it, is the work of many talented and committed individuals from the Office of the Attorney General. Special credit goes to former Deputy Attorney General, later Judge, Dennis M. Sweeney for preparing the first several editions, and to former Assistant Attorneys General Jack Schwartz and Robert N. McDonald (now Judge McDonald), as well as to Assistant Attorney General Adam D. Snyder, who assumed responsibility for subsequent editions. This most recent edition has been produced under the supervision of Patrick B. Hughes, the current Chief Counsel for Opinions & Advice. Deborah P. Spence deserves thanks for preparing and finalizing the manuscript.

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