Police Body Camera Task Force Reviews Proposed Recommendations

Task Force members walked through a seven-page document of recommendations each member and prior presenters thought prudent to have addressed in relation to use and economic storage of police body worn cameras. 

The document reviewed by the Task Force at the November 19, 2020 meeting was a compilation of the top three recommendations each of the stakeholders chose to submit for consideration.

Task Force members that submitted recommendations included: Delegate Jazz Lewis, Delegate David Moon, Senator Justin Ready, Maryland Department of Information Technology Secretary Michael Leahy, Washington County Sheriff Doug Mullendore, Howard County Police Chief Lisa Meyers, Hagerstown City Administrator Scott Nicewarner, Hyattsville City Council Member Joseph Solomon, and University of Maryland Police Major Phil Tou.

Additional recommendations were provided by Howard County States Attorney Richard Gibson, Director of Law Enforcement Relations for BodyWorn by Utility, inc. Jason Dombkowski, and Richard Rinehardt on behalf of Motorola Solutions who each presented in front of the task force at previous meetings.

At the end of the meeting, Lewis suggested the members go through the document of compiled recommendations noting which items they are in favor of supporting. The responses would be compiled by staff and reviewed by Lewis and Vice-Chair Senator Charles Sydnor. Another meeting would be scheduled for the task force to go through the narrowed down recommendations for final review and approval. Lewis left the Task Force with an understanding that not every recommendation approved would turn into legislation as some things will be more suitable for advancement in policy moving forward.

The Law Enforcement Body Camera Task Force was formed by HB 739 (2020). They are charged with studying and making recommendations on the economical storage of audio and video recordings made by law enforcement body-worn cameras. The task force must report its findings and recommendations to the General Assembly by December 1, 2020. MACo is represented on the tasks force by Howard County Police Chief Lisa Meyers.

A video of the meeting may be found on YouTube.

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