General Assembly to Launch Police Body Camera Task Force

camera-3376228_1920 - pixabay - 3.25.20Law Enforcement Body Camera Task Force to study costs and access to justice issues for police body-worn cameras. 

The task force was created by legislation passed by the General Assembly in the 2020 session to help local governments deal with the costs of body camera programs which can be significant for video and data storage.

Maryland Matters reports:

[Del. Jazz] Lewis and Del. David Moon (D-Montgomery) will represent the House of Delegates on the task force; Sens. Charles E. Sydnor, III (D-Baltimore City) and Justin Ready (R-Carroll) will represent the Senate.

In addition to trying to find lower-cost ways of storing thousands of hours of video (perhaps “by pooling our resources,” Lewis said), the panel will also delve into public and media access issues.

As noted in the article, MACo supported the creation of the task force to help address financial and logistical challenges that hinder the more widespread use of body-worn cameras by local police departments.

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