Montgomery Launches Police Reform Survey for Residents

Montgomery County residents have until November 14 to fill out a survey in order to gauge their assessment of the department, its structure, services, and funding.

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich is asking residents to complete a survey that will help inform the Reimagining Public Safety Task Force on public opinion. County residents will have until November 14 to complete the survey, which is a part of a larger county effort to examine public safety in the county. The county has also entered into a partnership with Effective Law Enforcement For All (ELE4A). ELE4A is heading a task force that will conduct an independent audit of the county’s police department.

In County Executive Elrich’s message:

There have been many incidents involving police using force around the country and here in Montgomery County. We, the County government, cannot do this work alone and need out community partners to help us improve policing in the County and keep the public safe. In order to have a thoughtful discussion and review our public safety efforts, I created the Reimaging Public Safety Task Force. The Task Force will report back to the County on the community’s needs and interests, and will make recommendations on how to accomplish these by prioritizing available funds for spending in order to invest in and improve public safety in our communities.

Once survey results have been analyzed, there will be a community forum to discuss the results on December 3.

Stay tuned to Conduit Street for more information.