Washington County Commissioners Approve $296 Million Operating and Capital Budget

Washington County Commissioners unanimously approved a fiscal 2015 budget, making very few changes to the budget that was proposed previously. The $296 million operating and capital budgets hold the line on taxes and flat funds most agencies.

As reported by the Hagerstown Herald-Mail:

The Washington County Board of Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve the budgets in two separate motions after a brief discussion with county officials.

One motion finalized the operating budgets, which include a balanced general fund of $204.5 million, and the other motion approved the 10-year Capital Improvement Plan of $45.1 million.
Also approved as part of the first motion were other operating funds, including those for highways, environmental, recreation and human services-related funds, totaling $46.5 million.

Commissioners also approved changes to water and sewer rates as a part of the budget.

…the commissioners on April 29 approved water and sewer rate increases to keep up with operational costs, as well as state regulatory mandates and funding capital-improvement requirements.

User fees for the average residential customer were increased by 2.9 percent for water and 3.5 percent for sewer.

Fiscal 2015 budget documents can be found on the county’s website.