Maryland Adds 18,200 Jobs in September, Unemployment Rate Ticks Up

Data released by the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows Maryland added over 18,000 jobs in September.

According to preliminary data, while Maryland added 18,200 jobs in September, the unemployment rate increased to 7.2%. The national unemployment rate sits at 7.9%.

While private-sector payrolls increased by 32,400 jobs in September, public sector payrolls decreased by 14,200 jobs. Nationwide, state and local governments lost 182,000 jobs from August to September.

From MD Labor’s website:

The Leisure and Hospitality sector experienced the most growth with an increase of 15,700 jobs from the Accommodation and Food Services (13,500) and Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation (2,200) subsectors. The Trade, Transportation, and Utilities sector increased by 7,000 jobs.

Other sectors that experienced growth include: Education and Health Services (3,100); Professional and Business Services (2,800); Manufacturing (1,900); Financial Activities (900); Information (700); and Mining, Logging, and Construction (600).

The Other Services sector decreased by 300 jobs.

In the last five months, Maryland has gained a total of 194,900 jobs, with 201,300 jobs gained in the private sector.

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