St. Mary’s Approves State Capital Improvements Program for Public School System

The Commissioners of St. Mary’s County unanimously approved a letter of support for an increase to the county’s public school system.

The $8.1 million increase in funding to the St. Mary’s County Public Schools (SMCPS) FY22-FY27 State Capital Improvement Program would cover several projects to improve school buildings and scheduled maintenance through 2027.

From the press release:

The life cycle replacement of building components is tracked through the SMCPS Comprehensive Maintenance Plan for Educational Facilities. It involves close coordination between the Department of Capital Planning and the Department of Maintenance. These capital needs are outlined each year in the Educational Facilities Master Plan. As facility conditions change, projects and time frames are adjusted accordingly

Projects include limited renovation of Mechanicsville Elementary School, and HVAC system renovation at Town Creek Elementary School, a partial roof replacement at Great Mills High School, and modernization of Lettie Marshall Dent Elementary School.

See full press release.