St. Mary’s Allocates $100,000 for Internet Provider Assessment

The Commissioners of St. Mary’s County have voted to allocate $100,000 toward assessing local internet providers.

Funds will go toward a report that will help assess available internet service provider options in the county, and identify opportunities to potentially bring in more service. The County’s Chief Information Officer went before the Commissioners to ask for the allocation at a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 15. Funding for the assessment will come from a federal CARES Act grant.

From the article in The Southern Maryland Chronicle:

Reliable internet access in St. Mary’s County has been a top priority of the Commissioners. During the meeting, each Commissioner spoke at length about their concerns with existing internet service. The opportunity to put out an RFP would give the Commissioners a clear view of any companies in the area that could provide rural internet service.

While the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County have no authority to regulate broadband services, they encourage a competitive market and welcome input from potential service providers. “It shows that we are willing to take the initiative on behalf of our citizens to go ahead and try and find something else, saying ‘we hear you,’” said Commissioner O’Connor.

To view Commissioners of St. Mary’s County meting documents, visit their website.