City to Launch $30 Million Eviction Prevention Program

The new Eviction Prevention Program builds on Baltimore City’s Temporary Rent Support Program to help tenants in need of assistance because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to City officials, the percentage of residents behind in rent tripled from March to June of this year. The $30 million program will offer qualifying residents financial, relocation, and legal assistance.

From WJZ:

Baltimore residents can qualify if they have a household income of 50 percent or less of the average medium income, prove their issues are related to COVID-19 and provide proof of pending eviction proceedings.

The program will give financial assistance to cover past-due bills and up to six months of back rent, relocation assistance for those who are evicted or forced to leave an inhabitable unit, legal assistance for eviction proceedings and general resources during the pandemic, officials said.

For more information:

$30M Eviction Prevention Program To Help Baltimore Families Dealing With COVID-19 Related Issues Stay In Their Homes (WJZ)

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