Sen. McCray: If Federal Relief Fails, Brace For State Cuts

A State fiscal leader warns a failure to pass the still-in-negotiations federal relief bill could trigger severe budget cuts.

As the white-hot speculation continues around the political will to reach a compromise on new and extended federal relief from the coronavirus pandemic, Maryland leaders fear that an inability to reach a deal could have dire local consequences.


From coverage in the Maryland Reporter:

“I do believe strongly that if we don’t get another stimulus injected for our local and state governments there will be drastic cuts to the state budget,” Sen. Cory McCray (D-Baltimore City) told in a phone interview on Thursday.

McCray said the stimulus package is crucial for Maryland.

“There’s a great need, especially in Baltimore City, the state of Maryland-these pocket of areas. We see that with food insecurity. We also see that as we talk about our young people and how they’re going to be adapting to school. I think about the digital divide and actually having to purchase extra computers. With this extra stimulus, local governments are paying very close attention and are in desperate need of it. State government is paying close attention and is in desperate need.”

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Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties