Governor Extends Utility Shutoff Moratorium to August 1

water faucetThe executive order extends the moratorium against the terminating resident’s utilities or charging them late fees to August 1, 2020. 

The order helps protect individuals who have lost work or income due to the coronavirus pandemic from experiencing shutoffs of critical utilities.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

“No electric, gas, sewage disposal, telegraph, telephone, water, or cable television company, or internet service provider, or any company providing a combination of such services (a “Residential Service Company”), shall terminate the service of a customer if the service is used, in whole or in part, in a dwelling unit or residence,” Hogan’s extended utility order says.

“A Residential Service Company shall not bill or collect, on an account that serves a dwelling unit or residence, any fee or charge imposed for a late or otherwise untimely payment that becomes due from the date of this Order.”

For more information:

Maryland Gov. Hogan extends executive order prohibiting utility providers from cutting off residential service, charging late fees(The Baltimore Sun)