MDOT MVA to Deploy New Flagging Portal

The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration’s (MDOT MVA) new flagging portal will enable jurisdictions to manage all flag-related activity online through a streamlined and secure platform.

MDOT MVA will deploy its Customer Connect comprehensive IT systems upgrade project on July 6, with a substantial portion of the upgrade dedicated to improving the interfaces and processes used by their external partners, including government jurisdictions with flagging authority, and county treasurer offices performing MDOT MVA vehicle registration renewals.

Several Maryland counties and Baltimore City are designated as flagging jurisdictions, meaning they are able to accept payments from residents in order to resolve outstanding violations with the Administration. Violations may include parking, red light, and speed camera infractions.

For flagging jurisdictions, a new option is available to perform all flagging actions with no delay for validation, and without any special software, just access to a browser.  Flags can be added, removed, and reversed in real-time, and jurisdictions can update payment method instructions at any time, reducing customer visits and manual releases.  MDOT MVA encourages all flagging jurisdictions to take advantage of this tool by contacting the Vehicle Flagging Unit at 410-768-7404 to register.

County users of the Titling and Registration Issuance System (TARIS) will need to be trained on the updated system to ensure a smooth implementation.  MDOT MVA has been holding training for these users throughout the winter and spring and urges any County users who have still not received training to contact MDOT MVA at