State Prisons, Juvenile Facilities to Undergo Universal COVID-19 Testing

jail cell blockAll employees and detainees at state prisons and juvenile detention centers to be tested for COVID-19. 

Governor Larry Hogan has announced that the state will begin universal COVID-19 testing for inmates and employees at state prisons and juvenile detention centers. The announcement comes after urging from advocates and employees for greater protection for those who live and work within the walls.

As reported by The Baltimore Sun:

Six state prison inmates have died from the coronavirus so far, and hundreds of inmates and employees have tested positive for the virus. Juvenile facilities have also experienced outbreaks, including the Silver Oak Academy in Carroll County, where dozens of children and staff tested positive.


The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services spokesman Mark Vernarelli said the agency is working with the state’s department of health on the next steps in rolling out universal testing in prisons.

For more information:

Maryland to test all detainees, staff at prisons and juvenile facilities for coronavirus (The Baltimore Sun)