Montgomery Launches New COVID-19 Data Dashboard

Montgomery County’s new COVID-19 data dashboard will provide critical information to help guide local leaders and their response to the coronavirus public health crisis.

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich and County Health Officer Dr. Travis Gayles yesterday introduced a new COVID-19 data dashboard. The dashboard provides information on hospitalizations, the number of patients in intensive care units, the number of ventilators in use, and information regarding the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths.


As previously reported on Conduit Street, County Executive Elrich last week extended the local stay-at-home order. He did so after the Governor’s action to lift the statewide stay-at-home order, which allowed local jurisdictions to make their own decisions.

“We need to meet certain benchmarks before we can reopen, or we risk undoing the progress we have made,” said County Executive Elrich. “Our decisions will be grounded in science and health data and we will move toward reopening as the data continues to improve.”

According to a Montgomery County press release:

Lifting the stay-at-home order and beginning to slowly reopen the county will be based on a variety of measures that include the following:

  • The number of new cases in the setting of increased testing;
  • COVID-19 related hospitalization rate;
  • COVID-19 related ICU rate;
  • COVID-19 related deaths;
  • COVID-19 like and influenza-like illnesses presenting to the health care system;
  • Percentage of acute care bed used by patients with COVID-19;
  • Percentage of ICU bed used by patients with COVID-19; and
  • Percentage of emergency/critical care equipment used by patients with COVID-19 (e.g. ventilators).

The above criteria will be reviewed based on the most recent 14 days using a rolling average. In addition to the criteria above, the Executive Order calls for testing capacity to increase to 5 percent of the County’s population on a monthly basis; enough resources needed for enhanced contact tracing (including notification of positive test results and identifying contacts); and using an equity lens in all of our metrics to ensure we are addressing differences in outcomes in our diverse population.

For the latest COVID-19 updates, visit the County’s COVID-19 website and follow Montgomery County on Facebook @MontgomeryCountyInfo and Twitter @MontgomeryCoMD.

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