Harford Transit LINK Named Maryland’s 2021 Outstanding Transit System

Harford County’s Transit Link has received the prestigious recognition as Maryland’s 2021 Outstanding Transit System.

Harford County’s public bus service has been named Maryland’s top transit system for the third time in five years. Harford Transit LINK received the 2021 Outstanding Transit System Award from the Transportation Association of Maryland in September.

County Executive Glassman said in the press release:

“I am proud of our team for constantly improving our public transportation system and making Harford Transit LINK a leader in Maryland,” County Executive Barry Glassman said. “I encourage anyone who isn’t already a rider to find out how our bus service can connect them to life’s opportunities in Harford and beyond.”

Harford Transit LINK was named the Outstanding Transit System of the Year by the Transportation Association of Maryland in 2017 and in 2019 for its campaign to become a leader in modernization and customer service.

For more information read the full Press Release.