U.S. Sen Cardin Urges Counties to Continue to Work Together, Weigh In on Federal Actions in Virtual Town Hall

MACo hosted a virtual town hall with U.S. Senator Ben Cardin this week, where the Senator gave federal updates and answered questions from the nearly 60 participants.

U.S. Senator Ben Cardin

Senator Ben Cardin, senior U.S. Senator for Maryland, has always had an open-door policy for local government officials. This week, it was a virtual open door as he invited MACo members to participate in an online Town Hall forum to discuss federal COVID-19 actions and ask questions.

Nearly 60 county officials and department heads participated, representing almost every  county in Maryland. Senator Cardin focused on the federal funding anticipated for county governments, but also answered questions on education and library funding, small business relief, and unemployment benefits.

Senator Cardin urged the counties to continue to weigh in on federal actions regarding COVID-19 funding. He also commended the counties for working together regionally and with the state and federal government, noting:

We need to put the nation’s priorities first and put politics aside…when we work together, we get things done.

Listen to the full recording of the virtual Town Hall meeting.

Additional resources provided by Senator Cardin’s office: