Teachers Favor Regularly Scheduled Instruction for Fall Education

In a national survey by Collaborative for Student Success, the majority of teachers favor regularly scheduled instruction for next year, differing from the thought of school administrators.

Courtesy of Collaborative for Student Success


From Education Dive:

“Despite heroic efforts by educators and parents, the extended lack of in- class instruction has no doubt resulted in significant learning loss that must be diagnosed and addressed— particularly for our most at-risk students,” Jim Cowen, executive director of the Collaborative for Student Success, said in a press release. The survey report says, however, that whatever assessment is used “should be non-punitive and unrelated to state accountability requirements.”

The survey reported sixty-five percent of teachers favoring starting next year with “regularly scheduled instruction” versus other options such as extending the school year, offering students the chance to repeat the grade, or revisiting concepts from this interrupted semester. The survey also shows that school administrators, “who made up about 12% of the 5,555 respondents — think beginning the next year with April 2020 concepts is the best strategy for addressing learning loss due to school closures. Advocates and policymakers, about 250 respondents in the sample, agreed with administrators.”