Anne Arundel County Unanimously Passes Emergency COVID-19 Legislation

The Anne Arundel County Council unanimously voted to pass emergency legislation Monday night in preparation for expected funds from the federal government under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).

During the second Zoom session for Anne Arundel County Council, officials discussed and amended the bill which will create structure for where the federal money will flow. The legislation divides an initial $18,000 to prepare departments for the rest of the funding to flow through. Departments receiving initial funds include the Department of Aging and Disabilities, Department of Health, the fire department, “Chief Administrative Office, the Office of Emergency Management, the Office of Transportation, the police department, and the Department of Recreation and Parks.”

From The Capital Gazette:

County officials said purchases of about $10 million that have already been made will be subtracted from this $38,675,000 Department of Health fund, including personal protective equipment and providing housing for residents of congregate housing to ensure that proper social distancing measures can be taken in the facilities.

Any portion of this that is not spent on the coronavirus response would flow back into the General Fund, Trumbauer said, and the county expects all of this money to be reimbursed with federal funding.

Also included in the bill is an allocation of $1.8 million that will go to the Community Grant Fund to be used for “other aspects of the county’s coronavirus response.” The bill was amended to specify that reallocated county funds can only be used to respond to virus related costs that were not previously budgeted for.

The Anne Arundel County Council will continue to meet virtually until further notice. More information on public participation will be announced during tonight’s town hall.