Federal COVID Assistance? Here’s What We Know

A Maryland analysis of the elements of federal emergency funding has been released – with a partial picture of what to expect across multiple governments and functions.

The Department of Legislative Services presented an analysis of federal COVID-19 response funding provisions, offering the most Maryland-level detail yet seen.

COVID breakdown

The 5-page analysis is available on the General Assembly website.

From coverage in the Baltimore Sun:

The largest amount coming to Maryland will be a $2.3 billion Coronavirus Relief Fund for state and local governments. Governments can apply to the fund for expenditures related to the COVID-19 pandemic that were not accounted for in their budgets.

More than $1 billion in the fund is set aside for local governments with populations greater than 500,000. Legislative analysts estimate Montgomery County will receive $183.4 million; Prince George’s County, $158.7 million; Baltimore County, $144.4 million; Baltimore City, $103.6 million; and Anne Arundel County, $101.1 million.

The relief package also will entitle state and local governments to tap into $800 million from a Disaster Relief Fund that includes reimbursements for medical expenses, protective equipment and National Guard deployment.

The presentation, held on April 9 for a remote meeting of the House Appropriations Committee, is available to stream online via the General Assembly website.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties
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