Librarians Continue to Serve Education Community Needs

books, library, room Although school libraries may be closed, the librarians continue to help fill needs online. While many facilities lack the tools need to implement this change rapidly, libraries are scrambling to fill the needs for students by assembling syllabi for access to student learning materials.

Many academic libraries are finding creative ways to keep students in touch and supporting teachers with online learning platforms.

From Education Dive:

For home-schoolers, librarians can serve as a resource for parents who are looking for ways to keep their children engaged in learning at home. Librarians note that they have ample resources for home-schoolers including databases, resource kits and individualized help and tutoring. While not all resources are available digitally, many libraries are looking to move more online.

For school leaders, librarians and media specialists can provide vital support as schools make the sudden transition to online content. Their expertise is likely more important than ever for providing professional development to teachers on digital tools as well as directing them to online resources.

By upping student engagement and assisting with technology, citations, and resources, librarians are truly helping students continue with their educational goals.