New County-by-County Numbers on Senate Kirwan Blueprint

HB 1300 is on the Senate Floor, heavily amended from the version passed in the House. Staff has released new fiscal estimates of its effect on state and county funding.

The Department of Legislative Services, non-partisan staff to the General Assembly, has released an updated set of estimated state and local effects from the Senate-amended Kirwan bill, HB 1300.

See the 5-page document online.

KirwanSenateCountyEffectsPage 3 (shown above) of the document is, again, the state’s forecast of additional county funding required. As with prior similar publications, this is relative to a “trend line” of anticipated local funding, based on recent years’ spending patterns. A comparable analysis compared to local funding required under current law (the basis for virtually every fiscal note prepared) would likely show a figure hundreds of millions higher.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties