Bill Allowing Expanded Use of Bay Restoration Fund Passes Legislature

HB 1035 Bay Restoration Fund – Use of Funds – Municipal Wastewater Facilities has passed third reader in the Maryland Senate 45-0.

This bill would not change the amount of funds placed in the Bay Restoration Fund, but would expand the authorized uses of funds to include costs associated with the connection of a property using an on-site sewage disposal system to an existing municipal wastewater facility that has signed a funding agreement with the Department of the Environment and is under construction to achieve enhanced nutrient removal or biological nutrient removal level treatment.

MACo supported the bill as several counties have wastewater facilities that are in the process of upgrading but do not have the funds to complete the project due to lack of connections. This bill would sensibly expand the authorized uses of the Bay Restoration Fund for those purposes. The bill now heads to the Governor’s desk for final approval.

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